Angela Muss (Barcelona, 1983)

Is an Illustrator, Visual Artist &

Creative Entrepreneur based in Paris

She studied arts, graphic design, photography, creative education and acting and worked in fashion and advertising but her love for painting dominated her time and she redirected her career towards the exciting world of art. Painting from her tender age, Angela is a natural born explorer...

Angela has illustrated over 60 children's books and has worked with many prolific publishers such as: Penguin, Dorling Kindersley, Child's Play, UNICEF and many others. Also her bright and bold illustrations had been used for greetings cards, games and gifts. Her 1st authored series 'Little Red Penguin' were published in USA in 2015, whose rights were sold to other countries in the past years. 

Throughout the years, Angela has developed a sharp vision and great flexibility for art projects and collaborations, thanks to all her encounters and learnings. Very detail-oriented with an excellent visual memory and sensitivity, Angela has a great eye for art and new ideas.

Angela continues to explore the arts and she's passionate about children and their development... 


For any creative approach or further enquiries:

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French


Selected Clients

Komixx Entertainment, Dorling Kindersley, Penguin Group, Marks and Spencer, Little Tiger, Child's Play, Lion Hudson, Autumn Publishing, American Greetings, Miles Kelly, UKGreetings, DDI Design Design, For Art Sake, Paper Magic, Art of Cards, WhSmith, Hallmark, Avant Garde, Photoworld, Card Town, Cewe Colour, Belarto, PIET Publishing Bv, UNICEF, Max Fortune, Blue Rabbit, Arcturus, iSeek, Hello Magazine, VIDA, The Bright Group, Advocate Art, Collaborate Agency, Monaturel, National Geographic, & more.

Latest Exhibitions


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Magazine Interviews


Magazine Cheminées and iTunes 


Published Books. Highlights Include

'Little Red Penguin' Book Series, Kane Miller and Usborne Books & More 

'Puppet Pals' Board Book Series, Child's Play

'Little Hide and Seek' Board Book Series, Dorling Kindersley, Penguin Group

'Hide and Seek' Picture Book Series, Dorling Kindersley, Penguin Group

'Big Busy Book Words' Board Book, Dorling Kindersley, Penguin Group

'Watering the Garden' Cover and Double Page Magazine, Hello Magazine

'Baby, I Love You' Bedtime Sound Book, Blue Rabbit

'Sparkly Christmas' Novelty Book Series, Lion Children's, Lion Hudson

'Guess Who?' Flip the Flap Book Series, Lion Children's, Lion Hudson

'Teddy Time' Board Book Series Smellessence, Autumn Publishing

'Classic Treasury Nursery Rhymes' Picture Book, Miles Kelly

'My Fantasy Pet Shop' Carousel Book, Tango Books

'Ten Red Robins' Novelty Book, Marks & Spencer

Published Greeting Cards. Clients Include

UK Greetings, DDI Design Design, For Art Sake, Paper Magic, Art of Cards, WhSmith, Hallmark, Avant Garde, Photoworld,Card Twon, Cewe Colour, American Greetings, UNICEF, Belarto, PIET Publishing Bv, Max Fortune