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Angela Muss Photo Portrait Childrens Illustrator & Visual Artist

Angela Muss

Children's Author/Illustrator & Visual Artist

Hi! Hola! Bonjour !

I'm Angela. I'm from Barcelona, I currently live between Paris and the Balearic Islands. I make children's books and art. I've been painting since I was young. I've studied art, graphic design, photography, acting and most recently I got an art teacher's degree. I've worked in fashion and advertising as a photographer and illustrator, but my love for painting dominated my time and I redirected my career towards the exciting world of books and art. I've had the opportunity to illustrate many children's books and I've collaborated with many wonderful publishers, clients and art galleries around the world. Also, my illustrations have been used for greeting cards, games, and gifts. I recently published my first authored children's book series. I often like to write and imagine new book ideas. When I'm not creating new art, I love walking in nature, exploring the world, learning new things, meditating, or cuddling my two cats...

Clients Include

Penguin Group

Dorling Kindersley
Child's Play
Marks and Spencer

Autumn Publishing



Pigment Gallery

Little Tiger

Lion Hudson

Miles Kelly

Blue Rabbit

Usborne Books & More



Hello Magazine


I speak english, spanish, catalan and french.

I look forward to hearing about your project!

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